When exam’s knocking on your door: 6 last-minute tips

When exam’s knocking on your door: 6 last-minute tips

So tomorrow’s your judgment day. Well of course, it’s literally not a “judgment day” but to you it is. Your entire curriculum’s going to be justified tomorrow and hence, the tension. Time’s short on one hand whereas syllabus is vast on the other. You have less than 24 hours to go through the entire syllabus. BIG PROBLEM!

So how can you tackle such a tight situation efficiently? Here are a few last-minute tips that can come in handy for you.

1. Every second counts

This almost goes without saying; isn’t it? You have only 24 hours left in your hand; naturally, you have to make the most of those precious seconds.

Hence, it’s advisable to give up a large chunk of your recreation at least on that specific day of yours. Give your full effort to the humongous syllabus at hand and you’ll see that you have completed it in no time.

P.S. This point doesn’t signify the fact that you shouldn’t take short breaks between your studies. In fact, power breakscan actually boost your total productivity. A short 5  minute break after a 30 minute continuous session can work wonders.

2. Eat a good meal

Exams are stressful. Hence, it’s mighty important for you to cheer yourself up as much as possible so that you can give your exam the next day with full gusto.

There are some happy food that you can eat to keep your spirits up. No, I am not talking about brain food. I will not ask you to eat all those boring nuts and super-veggies before an exam just because they are good for you. In fact, I will ask you to eat something that you love to eat (that’s why I call it “happy food”). There aren’t any rules.

Chocolate? Go ahead with your eyes closed. Like I said, no rules.

3. Laugh a little

Tension, tension and more tension! That doesn’t mean that you should be grumpy all the time. You need to relax a bit. Laughter’s the best way to do that.

A comedy show or a cartoon (I am old-school and hence, my suggestion will still be “Tom and Jerry”) can work wonders you know. A few minutes of the show will do you more good than harm to be honest.

4. Stay organized

Organization’s the key to any form of success. The same thing’s applicable to you even in case of your exam revision.

Gather all your class notes, all your relevant books (related to the exam subject), notebooks, pens and pencils and place them sequentially on your study table. Small things like that can aid a lot in keeping the level of distractions down.

You don’t even have to get up periodically from your seat to get the things you need because you already have everything placed in front of you. These things might look too petty on the hindsight, but on the night before your exam, these things can really make a difference.

5. Get enough rest at night

Most students have the tendency to study overnight during examinations. They think the more they revise, the better it’ll be.

It’s not a bad idea to be honest. But if you want to implement the same tactic in your preparation right before the day of your examination, it’s a big no-no from me. Know when to stop. There’s an invisible line somewhere up there. Try not to cross that. You need to give your body the rest it deserves specially before the day of your examination.

It’s advisable to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep at night right before an examination such that you can give it with complete peace of mind. Fatigue can ruin the whole thing for you even if you are prepared enough to do the job in hand. So make sure you stick to that routine and do your tasks accordingly.

6. Is there something that works specifically for you?

Everyone’s different. Some might prepare well in a quite study environment; others can work more efficiently under the influence of music.

What’s yours? Music? Don’t be afraid to plug in your earphones and listen to that favorite track of yours while practicing trigonometry for your next day’s examination. It works you know.


So that’s it then. Hope you find this handy enough for your upcoming exam preparations. Best of luck!

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