We Need Mathematics More Than Ever

We Need Mathematics More Than Ever

Many students have asked themselves this question at least once in their career- “Why do we require mathematics?” This question usually pops when they encounter some sorts of difficulty in this subject that they fail to confront easily. The trouble can come in the form of a particular tricky math problem or a concept or before the exams (most standard). They also believe at that point is that mathematics is made for specialists in the subject; the ones who are brainy and can play with numbers with ease. But is that right? “Negative” mate; that’s not always right. In these days, we require mathematics more than ever. The subject has to be studied by all at least to a certain level irrespective of their backgrounds. This article will discuss this matter in more details. Let’s begin without further ado.


Logic and Mathematics go hand in hand  

Mathematics teaches logic that is considered the backbone of critical problem-solving methods. If you have a strong sense of logic, you can think about some ways to go around a critical problem be it a math sum or a life problem. Logic is pretty significant because logic allows people to boost the standard of arguments made by them and also helps them to evaluate arguments that are made by others. Any argument that has a strong base on logic carries gravity. Illogical arguments can make someone a laughing stock and a snob. This is pretty undesirable.

Logic is also a crucial skill in academics, such as computer science, physics, chemistry, mathematics and various other subjects about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Since mathematics incorporates a strong sense of logic in students, we must have at least a basic understanding of math and other related topics. Therefore, you have to admit that mathematics is needed more than ever.

Technology is firmly based on mathematics

The 21st-century world relies mostly on gadgets and advanced electronics. The IoT (Internet of Things) has also gained much importance in the modern generation. All these types of technologies are based strongly on mathematics. To keep up with the pace of modern generation advancements and technology, it’s necessary to introduce mathematics into the curriculum.

Mathematics is the key to economic welfare

Every country wants to stay competitive in the world of economics. The competitive edge comes from innovation, growth and social upliftment. Such innovation and growth usually come from cutting-edge research accompanied with industrialization. Mathematics is the backbone of research and industrialization. Therefore, it can be said that mathematics is basically an indirect key to economic welfare.

Mathematics is considered one of the core skills of life    

Like reading and writing, mathematics is also considered to be one significant part of basic literacy. An essential skill in mathematics is considered one of the core skills of life. Almost all our daily activities include a few daily math activities, whether you are aware of this fact or not. Therefore, it’s necessary to master this core skill of life at least to some degree.

Mathematics is a subject that needs to be studied by all students irrespective of their backgrounds. You might take up arts or music as a subject in future for higher education, but you must have a basic knowledge of mathematics for your benefits in the long. And now in this technology-oriented world, there’s no doubt that we need mathematics more than ever.

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