4 Great Ways How to Avoid Anxiety during Early Semester

4 Great Ways How to Avoid Anxiety during Early Semester

After all the holiday fun and frolic, friends’ night outs, late night parties and late morning doze, it definitely has been a hectic task getting used to waking up early and getting ready to school/college. Even before you get accustomed to this regime, the semesters are here. It feels like a boulder shoved above your chest. The thought of it brings in mixed emotions, all in one at the same time. Anxiety, like the winter fog, clouds your head with all negative emotions and thoughts making you feel vulnerable and doubtful about your own self.

Do not worry; here are four easy tips that are sure to help you fight off that nasty feeling in your stomach that holds you back from performing well.

Get your stuff right:

From the subject syllabus to the content material, reference books, class notes, assignment sheets to the exam schedules – everything that matters. Sort them out subject-wise in a pattern that you decide works out for you. Is it in chronological order or a context-wise order or simply an alphabetical order? It can be any of the above but just make sure you don’t end up confused with what comes where and get it all messed up.

Draw up your own schedule:

Planning and scheduling for a task big or small and following it strictly have never failed anyone. It won’t for you either. So plan for your exam schedule correctly. Draw up a timetable for all your subjects that is in sync with your exam schedule and study accordingly. Exam time doesn’t mean you can’t do any other work except to sit with your books and load your brains with all those information. You can also spend time playing, running personal errands, helping your siblings/parents, etc. Everything could find time if planned well. Having your fingers in every pie would end up in a dirty work, make time for everything. Define time slots for everything you want to do. Pay attention to what matters most – studies – and allow more time for that. Preferably a slot when you are the most fresh and energetic.

Use your gadgets right:

Parents do consider your phone and internet to be the spoilsport for your poor grades. You could prove them wrong by using it well. You could have Apps to mark your schedules and help you catch up with incomplete tasks. You could also set up a comprehensive context-wise task management tool wherein you could check-off every concept when you are done learning. This way you could be sure that you have covered every part of the syllabus and make it out to your final exams too. The Internet can help you network with your peers and tutors to clarify your doubts and get content for a concept that was covered during a class you had missed because of your sports practice.


Don’t cram up your head till the last minute. Last minute learning and last minute revisions would only make things worse. Instead, have a relaxation regime in your prep-time. It would help the brain process the information, which you had loaded recently, and develops neurons to retrieve it when required. It is something like you keep a safe object in a secure location and lock it with a safe and easy password so that you can pick-up your object when needed. But when you keep cramming up your brain without rest everything would be chaos, and it would be akin to forgetting the password! Horrible isn’t it? After all the hard work and preparation, what is the point when you can’t remember them in the exam hall? So, have a healthy lifestyle to aid your brain work better. Eat healthy foods, especially a nutrition rich breakfast, catch up some good sleep, exercise, and spend time with your pets, family, and friends. It helps you to relax and refresh.

Finally, have a positive attitude. It helps a lot. People would always tell participation is more important than winning. Many students have the same notion and simply take tests for the sake of it but don’t care enough about their grades or results. What is the point in participating and not winning? Always think out of the box and focus on your grades; only this would speak for you. In this way, you can avoid anxiety during early semester.

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