Transforming The Future Of Education Through Machine Learning

Transforming The Future Of Education Through Machine Learning

When any information is published on the internet, the content creators gain considerable perception into their readers. Such information consists of ones like the whereabouts of the readers, their consumption of data, their content shares on social media etc. Such information is extremely valuable for the creators because it enables them to tailor-made content for their readers.

Such kind of feedback becomes possible on digital platforms but in the case of traditional methods, like the old-fashioned paperbacks, hardcovers etc., such useful feedbacks are seldom received. Now don’t get us wrong here. We are never saying that the traditional way of sharing information through paper is bad or completely outdated, but in some cases, it becomes real inconvenient to share information in such a way. That’s because the feedback received comes usually in the form of reviews, sales figures etc. but what about that information (whereabouts of the readers, data consumption, impressions, content shares) we highlighted above? Traditional methods of sharing information might not have a disaster impact on an author but it might definitely hurt a business in this competent market.

It can therefore be said that data has immense capabilities of driving innovation and in more general sense, it can be said that data can also drive education.

Changing the learning experience                                  

The learning platforms have slowly moved away from conventional ones and have become more personalized for the benefit of the learners. The main benefit of this is that the learning platform becomes tailor-made for specific students to suit their needs. Students learn at various speeds, have different interests. It becomes real difficult to channelize the interests and maintain the pace of learning according to students.

Use of digital books also allows a customizable learning experience. Teachers will be able to keep a tab on the information processed by the students and develop an idea of the student’s progress. This will allow a teacher to develop their lessons accordingly as per the student’s needs.

Machine learning also brings with it a few additional avant-garde features. Such machine learning algorithms produce predictive learning paths that are different from different students. As students study a course with this adaptive learning software, the built-in algorithms can provide them with additional content depending upon the requirement.

So you see that machine learning has huge potentials. Below, we will be listing a few trends in machine learning.

  • Data Flywheels

Cloud storage and digital data follow Moore’s law. According to Moore’s law, the world’s data doubles every 2 years on one hand, while the cost of such data storage declines roughly at about the same rate. This data abundance enables more features. Thus, better learning models can be created with the advancement of features and low storage cost.

  • The Algorithm economy

There’s plenty of data in the world. All this data would have had zero value if we had no way to leverage it. Algorithms provide you with an efficient way to scale the management of business processes.

In an algorithm economy, algorithm marketplaces as a global meeting place for engineers, researchers and organizations to develop, remix and share algorithmic intelligence at scale.

  • Cloud-hosted intelligence

If a company wants to gain insight into their business, it has to use algorithmic machine intelligence to analyze their data iteratively and learn from it. This has been a difficult and costly process having plenty of limitations.

With more availability of data and low storage cost, machine learning can move to the cloud. Data scientists no longer have to manage infrastructure on their own. The system, on its own, will scale for them.

Machine learning has much potential and it can undoubtedly bring a revolutionary change in education in future.

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