The Math Network: 6 Different Math Connections

The Math Network: 6 Different Math Connections

Mathematics is the bed-rock of science. Therefore, it’s natural that all STEM related subjects are somewhat related to mathematics to a certain extent. But mathematics is definitely not limited to the realms of science subjects. It’s way beyond. Even subjects that are beyond the scope of science are somewhat related to mathematics either directly or indirectly. Even your very own daily life is linked to the subject.

In this article, we’ll explore the math network in detail, highlighting a few math connections at the same time. Let’s begin.

Mathematics and Computers

This is a pretty obvious connection so no prizes for guessing it right. Mathematics develops critical thinking and also aids in developing problem-solving abilities in students. And if you are enthusiastic enough in computers, you’ll certainly know that those qualities are the backbone of computer programming. A more direct connection is Boolean algebra. Boolean algebra (involving 0 and 1) is totally based on mathematics involving several math calculations and is part and parcel of computer science.

Mathematics and Science

If the previous connection is deemed obvious, then this one’s the most obvious of the lot. We stated previously that mathematics is the bed-rock of science. SO naturally, all science subjects will be related to mathematics to a certain extent be it Physics, Mechanics, Chemistry, Electronics etc.

Can you calculate the acceleration of that car without mathematics? Well, if you have a positive answer to that, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

Mathematics and Geography

If you are asked to search for a specific region on a topographic map with the use of a scale, you’ll have to apply concepts of ratio and proportion to search for the same. We haven’t even mentioned the operational arithmetic that you’ll have to do to calculate your result (now we did mention it though).

And then there are the grid coordinates. Say, for example, you’ll have to find out the grid coordinates of a specific place on the globe. You’ll have to implement your coordinate geometry knowledge to search for the same. Mathematics comes up again, eh? Hence, it can easily be said that mathematics is very much inculcated in geography.

Mathematics and Sports

Math has a strong influence on sports especially when the topic of concern is the statistics of a game such as “passing accuracy”, “ball possession”, shooting accuracy, etc. The stats mentioned in this column are generally represented as a percentage. Thus, it becomes obvious that mathematics is involved. Mathematics is applied to calculate those stats. That takes care of one thing. There are plenty more.

There’s a system in football called the DSC (Diagonal System of Control) especially made for referees for effective match management that is almost entirely based on mathematics. There are many more but the point is mathematics and sports go hand in hand at least to a certain extent.

Mathematics and Art

Sketch a figure on a piece of paper. It can be any figure; even a complex one would do. Any complex figure can be broken into simpler known figures such as a rectangle, triangle, semicircle etc. For example, if you have sketched a thatched roof, you’ll realize that the figure’s having 2 common simple geometrical figures namely a triangle and a rectangle. Similarly, other complex figures are made up of many simple figures. You are probably too busy to notice them.

Mathematics and Daily Life

What should we say? This one’s huge. There isn’t space enough to cover it all. So we’ll highlight just a few in this column. Calculating the amount that needs to be paid after applying discounts and all incorporate a huge amount of operational arithmetic. You do it every day while shopping for your daily needs but you didn’t give it much thought. Paying your gas bills incorporate mathematics. Controlling the speed of your car inculcate mathematics. There are many. Better check this article out if you are enthusiastic enough. But even that article isn’t enough to quench your thirst for knowledge. You’ll have to keep your eyes open and you, yourself will see the numerous applications of mathematics in your daily life.

There are numerous other math connections in life. We have just highlighted 6 subjects that are specifically included in the school curriculum. With that, we’ll bring this article to a close. Hope you had a good read.

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