The different pros and cons of implementing virtual reality in classrooms

The different pros and cons of implementing virtual reality in classrooms

The virtual reality technology is not a thing of fiction any more. It has lately become a very part of the reality. This avant-garde piece of technology has slowly spread its wings to almost every fields of our life ranging from entertainment to education.

In this article, I’ll discuss virtual reality strictly from the educational point of view. VR has lately become a fad among students due to the wonders it contains. But is that all? Are there no negatives involved at all? Both pros and cons are involved as far as VR-based education is concerned.

So let’s go through the pros and cons of implementing virtual reality in classrooms without further ado.


  • It helps to provide outstanding demonstrations in classrooms

As far as demonstrations are concerned, virtual reality is in a league of its own. It’s effectiveness is basically unparalleled.

Through the use of immersive virtual reality in classrooms, teachers will be able to provide outstanding visualizations to their students which can seldom be done in a traditional classroom. This can improve the learning environment significantly.

Now that’s definitely a positive aspect of VR; there’s simply no doubt about it.

  • VR helps to provoke interest in students

Anything that provokes interest in students is worth the buzz. VR does the very same thing.

The immersive nature of virtual technology helps a lot in bringing a subject matter to life right in front of our very eyes. If that’s not interesting; I don’t know what is. So it’s a definite upside of virtual reality; there should also be no doubt in that.

  • VR is engaging

Do you want to improve the rate of student engagements in your class? If you do, virtual reality is the way to go.

The VR technology is avant-garde enough to intrigue anyone from eight to eighty. So naturally, the rate of engagements can maximize in the best possible manner because of the novelty it brings to the class as a whole. Now that’s exactly what the doctor ordered; isn’t it?

  • The experience of virtual reality seldom feels like routine study

This is another exquisite benefit of virtual reality. Students might not even realize that they are actually learning something constructive through the aid of virtual reality.

Now it’s pretty obvious; isn’t it? Say, you are putting on your headphones and your VR glass and all those amazing stuff comes alive right in front of your eyes. How would you feel? Isn’t that exciting? Once you get the taste of it, you’ll very likely want to go back to it again and again.

  • Curbs all language barrier

Language barrier ceases to be a problem anymore once you are able to implement virtual reality in your very own classroom.

Virtual reality is all about visual information which is something that’s capable of creating the maximum impression on an audience. So language barrier will not even exist as far as the use of virtual reality is concerned.


  • Functionality problems and issues

What do you expect? At the end of the day, this is still a piece of technology or a gadget whose flawless functionality can never be promised.

Today it’s working fine. Will it work the same way tomorrow? Nah! It cannot be guaranteed. SO functionality issues remain a problem.

  • The VR addictiveness

Virtual reality is addictive in nature. Like I said before, once you get the taste of VR, you’ll strive to get back to it again and again. It’s good on one hand but bad on the other especially when the number of tries go out of hand.

Too much anything is not recommended and the same thing is applicable here.

  • VR is expensive

Advanced technology seldom comes for a dime. In fact, virtual reality will cost you more than that.

So if you wish to implement the same technology in your classroom, you will have to go that extra mile in terms of fund and effort. Remember the price is more than capable of burning a huge hole in your pocket. So tread wisely.

So what do you think? If price isn’t much of a factor to you, you can go for it with your eyes closed. If I balance the pros with that of the cons, I can still say that virtual reality can definitely benefit you in the long run. So stop procrastinating and start acting. We wish you the best of luck with your endeavors.

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