The Advantages And Disadvantages of Online Tuition

The Advantages And Disadvantages of Online Tuition

Private tuition do have a few benefits in shaping a student’s career in the right path. Parents do require some professional help for their children to channelize their interests in the right track. The required consultation can be done in schools, but honestly, it doesn’t come that easy both from the point of view of the teacher and the parents. The reason is pretty obvious. A class consists of a whole lot of students and sometimes the number exceeds the capacity of the teacher. Among all these students, it’s pretty difficult for a teacher to pay attention to a particular child. Hence, it becomes difficult both from the point of view of parents and educators. So the parents need to improvise, and that’s where private tuition come in. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, private tuition classes are taken to the realms of the internet. “Online tuition class” is the new trend. This article will highlight some positives (“yays”) and negatives (“nays”) of online tuition classes.


Advantages of Online Tuition

  • Online tuition can be considered the best solution to all sorts of educational problems for middle school to high-school students. A student who is pretty comfortable in handling computer and the internet can easily get into online tuition.
  • Online tuition are pretty convenient. They can save time, expenses on travel and can also be cheaper than face to face tuition.
  • Certain software platforms allow users to record, access and save information as per convenience for a reference at any later date. A user can also record an entire lesson and keep it saved on their platform.
  • Students can opt for digital pens in their lessons. That allows the tutor to see what’s being written by them in real time.
  • Last but not the least; child safety is considerably the best advantage among the lot. Parents can be at peace knowing that their child is safe and is studying from the comfort of his/her home. Parents can even monitor the quality of these online lessons.
  • You can opt for online tuition classes from anywhere in the world. The same is applicable for tutors. The place is not a barrier any more. A student can be a country “X” and a tutor can be in a country “Y”. Both of them can connect and carry on with their lessons within the blink of an eye if they have an individual working computer and an internet connection.
  • Both tutors and students can opt for quick online sessions. This is specifically beneficial before an examination where time is of the essence. For example, students can come across a specific math problem that might be pretty tricky from the hindsight. A quick online math session can sort that out on one hand and save time on the other.

Disadvantages of Online Tuitions

  • There’s still no substitution of human interactions. Online tuitions perform an effective job but can it be a perfect substitution of face-to-face tuitions? The answer to that question according to our opinion is still a “negative”.
  • Certain complex subjects are not so easy to be taught online. Teachers might have to read the facial expressions of their students to know whether they are struggling in the subject or not.
  • Online tuition are not at all suitable for young children, especially kindergarten students. Human interactions can never be substituted in such cases. Basic math operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division cannot be taught effectively through online tuition. Human interactions are necessary.
  • Technical faults can be a huge barrier. A faulty computer or a server downtime may result in a disrupted lesson. These situations are unavoidable. Nobody can predict these conditions. Therefore, these technical issues count to be a significant disadvantage in this field of education.
  • The lack of proper encouragement in online tuition also counts to be a major problem. A student who’s become frustrated with a specific tricky sum cannot be consoled or encouraged effectively through online teaching. Face-to-face interactions in such cases are of paramount importance.

Online tuition are undoubtedly a useful trend of education among modern generation pupils who rely a lot on technology and the internet. If your child is tech-savvy enough, why don’t you check this method out? You’ll know what we are talking about.

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