Several Small Scholarships vs. One Large One – Which Is Better to Focus On

Several Small Scholarships vs. One Large One – Which Is Better to Focus On

High school education is very costly and sometimes unaffordable by many families coming from a weaker financial section. But as they say it “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Indeed in such education areas that demand a lot of money, being able to save a few bucks isn’t exactly a terrible idea. On the contrary, it’s the one most people will opt for.Scholarships are the funds that are provided by the college or the government to support the financial load falling on the arms of the students for higher education. Some huge scholarships even come with a Tuition Fee Waiver scheme that boils down the numbers to very negligible chunks. These are the bigger scholarships which are granted to a few and is received after a lot of legwork and high scores. Smaller scholarships, however, pay a certain amount of money on a regular basis to support some part of the fees being paid. Though these are smaller awards they too involve a lot of hard paperwork needed to be carried out regularly.

Differentiating the Scholarships:

Now comes a serious question: What should one opt for? A bigger scholarship that ultimately takes the burden off the shoulders or many smaller ones that will require much more leg work and help ease a chunk of payment but not the whole.

The truth is it truly doesn’t matter. Most of the times the bigger scholarships come with terms and conditions as well as eligibility criteria. It filters out the average students and keeps only the studious ones. If one doesn’t fit the criteria, then there is no point in obsessing over the scholarship. In the smaller ones, however, there is an enormous scope of working. Many companies and colleges and institutes are providing various types of scholarships and each of them having different criteria. Most of the students can fit the criteria, and if good performance is shown, then the scholarship could be availed. It increases the probability of a student getting one. Also, students can apply for various scholarships at one time, and the success rate would be more as compared to. It has a lesser downhill if compared with the bigger scholarships. If larger scholarships slip away then students are left with nothing and the entire financial burden falls back to its place but if you succeed in very few smaller scholarships, then not much but some load shed off. It would be the best advantage of the smaller scholarships.

Another factor that needs to be analyzed here is the time consumption. One big scholarship will take less time and give more money as compared to many smaller scholarships. If you keep applying for all the scholarships, it will become a daunting task. You will have almost no time on your clock for the purpose for which you actually needed the scholarship in the first place – Education. So staying calm and selecting and applying for only those scholarships which are feasible in time invested, and money returned need to be done. This kind of competitive spirit generally overwhelms the person and takes priority over the regular tasks which are a downside of the smaller scholarships.

If allowed to apply for bigger scholarships, one must not let that opportunity go. Prepare well and apply for them and if failed smaller scholarships could always be used as a backup since if you cleared the first one you are most probably eligible for almost all of them. But again primary focus should never deviate from the original cause for obtaining the scholarship. Bigger scholarships are harder to get since it involves a lot of money and the Institute generally tends to assess the candidates properly before giving them one. Even after getting selected there is a lot of legwork involved in such cases.

You might need to clear a few exams and/or an interview to qualify for the scholarship. But once one obtains the scholarship he need not look at any other place for any other support and hence makes them worth the effort. But this is not the end of the story; it would be wrong to assume that once obtained the scholarship is going to stay forever. In fact, the institutes monitor the scores of the individual regularly, and the scholarship could be removed if the performance deteriorates than some benchmarks. So maintaining the performance levels becomes necessary once working with scholarships.

Institutes give scholarships to help financially backward people. You need to define your path according tocollege degree careers vs. pocket. If you can work hard and showcase your talent correctly then getting a scholarship is not that difficult either.

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