The Right Ways to Prepare for the Final Exams

The Right Ways to Prepare for the Final Exams

Final exams? Stressful. Preparing for finals – painful. There is no sugar-coating. Those daredevils standing right in the way between you and your vacations but that does not mean you could take them for granted and just slack off. You need to focus here and that too real hard. These grades are the reflection of your hard work during the entire year of your school/college. These grades are the measures by which the world weighs your intelligence, and its better be good if not great. Everyone has their own style of doing everything, but some sure-fire ways help people of all types. Here are some guidelines to assist you in preparing for your final exams.

Plan ahead:

Final exams are not Meteors that fall out of the blue and take you by surprise. Everyone has to take up final exams year-on-year during the entire course of their education. So be well prepared. Certain pointers to help you plan well are – not missing classes, paying attention in class, taking notes, having all your syllabus, content, notes, references all reviewed and handy, and start preparing a month in advance following a proper Schedule that aligns with your exam calendar.

Create a network:

Form study groups, whereby every member could teach a topic to the others, prepare test questions, conduct mock tests and review them. Thereby every subject of the course is covered, and it is a fun activity too when you add a point and reward system to it. As long as you are focussed on the preparation for the agreed duration, this is one of the most powerful ways to defeat the challenge. You could also catch up with your teachers to clarify your doubts and explain complicated topics.

Understand what you learn:

Studying hard doesn’t make any sense when you do not understand the subject matter. Get help from your friends, teachers, parents, relatives anyone for that matter who has done that course before and is well versed in that subject. It is important that you approach a person who is ready to help you without prejudice. Find ways to relate your course content’s application and usage in everyday life. How it could relate to personal and societal problems and controversies and ways to resolve them. It helps to understand the concepts better and score good grades.

Practice, a lot:

Practicing on a task would definitely make you perfect eventually. Work on your mid-semester exams, class tests, previous Assessment sheets, attend review sessions by the teacher and take up mock tests too. It helps manage time, speed and accuracy when you take up your exam.

Maintain good health:

Get some regular physical exercise to stretch out those tired muscles. Endorphins produced during physical activity improve alertness, concentration and helps fight anxiety and fatigue.

Skipping meal is a strict no-no. Nutritious meals help keep your body and mind in better shape for all the hard work and effort you need to put in. Keeping yourself well hydrated is essential for smooth brain-functioning. It also helps flush out toxins from your system and build immunity.

Staying awake all night impairs reasoning, downgrades memory and play havoc with metabolism. Getting to bed on time and getting good sleep helps your brain perform well.


If you were to prepare for a marathon, would you keep running 24 hours a day? No. Many think, it is best to study for as many hours as possible, this actually is counterproductive. Taking regular short breaks help retain knowledge long-term. Do not feel guilty about spending time out under the sun, remember Vitamin D is essential for a healthy brain!

Stop smart:

Stop all your preparations at least 24 hours before your exams. Last minute learning would end up in chaos, stress and low morale. Flashcard or bullet notes are handy for quick references but not about 5-6 hours before exams.

Prepare for your day:

Make sure that you get everything ready well in advance – don’t leave it for the day just before the exam. Get yourself familiar with the route to the exam center and the rules you need to follow there. Have all your IDs and stationery handy and a spare, just in case.


Believe in yourself; perform well.

Do not forget to create a preparation timeline for your final exams. These guidelines will help students plan well to prepare for their final exams without any compromise.

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