How to Be a Responsible Senior in the High School?

How to Be a Responsible Senior in the High School?

End of high school feels like an end of an era. Also, this feeling is pretty much spine chilling as one is about to step into a newer and more professional phase of life. Students, however, for the most part, seem to enjoy this phase way too much than they should. One must remember that one must not celebrate success one has actually not got yet. It is because they feel pretty much happy since they have accomplished for what they actually came in for! But in this adrenaline rush, they make stupid mistakes that backfire on them seriously.

1) Reluctance:

The reluctance that students work with in their final semesters is the most problematic one. This reluctance generally generates due to the obvious fact that they start to realize they are going to get the degree anyway and now they have “No strings attached.” This dangerous move makes them potentially blind to all the mistakes they make. Care should be taken that “It’s not over yet.”.

2) Attendance:

Following the previous point comes the problem of attendance. Now you see reluctance does this too. After the submissions are made, students tend to become lazy and only get energetic at any other thing except study. Here is the biggest blunder, since the attendance marks are still counted and student’s attendance gets relatively lower he loses some of the marks.

3) Behavior:

Students should always realize the fact that nothing ever justifies rudeness. They should not be rude to anybody, especially, to the teaching staff. In the reign of happiness everybody is joyful and this extreme excitement many times leads to behaviors and statements that might hurt people. It leaves their bad impression on those people.

4) Responsibility:

Final year students tend to be rash and irresponsible on their behavior and activities. They start to act even more childish than those of the first year. This leaves a bad impression of theirs on the juniors. Being senior it’s the moral responsibility to help and guide the new. But taunting and teasing are done. This behavior is not only irresponsible and insensitive but also very rude and illegal. Seniors set an example in front of the juniors; make sure the footsteps are worth following. Irresponsibility is also seen towards self. They don’t work hard as they did before. They bunk lectures and even stop studying. This kind of overconfidence does nothing but harm to the student. With every wrong step they take at this crucial moment, they hit their careers really hard. They should instead take charge and give their best and keep looking out for opportunities and knowledge. Going rash is not the way to success.

5) Study:

Study almost becomes abstract. Beware of this deadly pitfall as it has taken the careers of many. Do study hard for the examinations and keep gaining experience and knowledge to the best of your abilities. Remember, no matter how small the step but take one every day. This will eventually take you towards success. The last exam score adds to the aggregate of the degree and hence makes it as important as the other exams. Being able to focus at these times may seem harder than anytime else, but it is the real test of the perseverance and patience of an individual.

6) Remain Productive:

Being productive is not a matter of talent but of practice. You must be productive every single day despite your conditions. Long and persistent productivity is the ladder towards success and makes you an outlier. Do hard-work proceeded by smart work and you can get the most out of your efforts. And most importantly, establish an example for others. Make a path for other to walk on.

Taking care of all the above factors seems comfortable but is truly difficult for the final semester students as the rush drives you. But staying aware and logical at all times will make you realize the fact that rush drives you towards disasters and decisions towards success.

Always keep the goal in front of you and then walk. Create and follow the preparation timeline for the entire year. It is the most efficient way to filter out distractions. It’s the journey that matters not the destination.

Rita Smith

Rita Smith, a caring and proud mom of two sweet baby girls. She is an expert author of many award-winning educational books. She believes that education must be free from the financial boundaries, and it should never impede financially weak families. Her work for poor and underprivileged students speaks for itself. She has been actively participating in webinars that make her a professional yet friendly counsellor.

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