Qualities of an Ideal SAT Tutor

Qualities of an Ideal SAT Tutor

Becoming an excellent tutor has never been as tricky as it is today. An ideal teacher has good values, a set of unique traits, tutoring experience, and hunger to boost the scores of aspiring students. Let’s discuss the core factors that can shape you into an ideal SAT tutor.

1) Spot your challenges

2) Test your qualification

3)Learn to motivate

4) Study the newer concepts

5) Review the exam format

6) Know the unique logic of SAT

7) Set your goals

8) Hit the target

Spot your challenges:

Before you step into the tutoring business, you must know that you’ll face certain challenges in the beginning. Make sure that you are well developed to solve own problems and that of your student’s. You can list all of your challenges on a piece of paper and defeat them one by one. Similarly, you also need to spot the challenges that your students face.

A good tutor gives the direction to solve the problem, instead of solving the problem.

Test your qualification:

Do not guess that just because you are an elder to your student makes you more skillful than him or her. If you passed SAT five years ago, then you must accept that the difficulty level of exams expands over time. Therefore, your next job is to test your qualification to make sure that you are updated with the new difficulty level of SAT.

To become an excellent tutor, you need to score at least 3 or 4 points more than the student.

Learn to motivate:

As a tutor, your job is not limited to teaching formulae or basic concepts. You should motivate your students beyond the study materials. You can dictate them the success stories of others. You can inspire them through your speech on time management or problem-solving.

All you need to do is to induce your student to take extra efforts for achieving higher scores. You can motivate them by talking about the tangible advantages of securing higher scores in SAT.

The “motivation session” can be a little challenging if you are teaching to a family member or close friend. The strategy of motivating your students works best in the case of younger students.

Study the newer concepts:

As discussed above, you need to learn the recent updates about the SAT. To do this, you can arrange the seminars of past students and let them discuss more their personal experience regarding SAT.

A good tutor believes on effective communication and creates a bridge between the successful and aspirant students.

Study the exam format:

It seems less important, but the fact is that an ideal tutor has a complete understanding of the basics of the SAT exam. He or she knows the difficulty levels of questions and their time scale. As a part of time management, an ideal tutor creates a perfect schedule for every single problem and explain the ways to solve those problems on time.

Know the unique logic of SAT:

SAT is all about practicing the ample number of multiple choice questions. Every question has a different logic. Nevertheless, it is hard to create one separate logic for every question. Then, how does a successful student solve questions and rank higher? The answer is “conventional logic.” An ideal tutor creates different logics for the various sets with each set containing similar or relevant questions.

Students can find correct answers by using useful strategies and shortcuts.

One major truth about the SAT is that it contains confusing questions to trap the students. Every tutor should sit aside to students and train them to uncover this trap. You should teach them how to read questions carefully.

An average tutor tells why the particular answer is correct, but an ideal tutor explains why the remaining answers are wrong.

Set your goals:

After 2-3 sessions of tutoring, a perfect tutor can guess the aptitude of a student. An ideal tutor establishes a goal of achieving higher scores and works hard to increase the score points of students.

Setting a specific score goal in mind makes your route easier. It is not necessary to expect 2400 points from your student, but you can set an achievable goal.

Hit the target:

Once the goal is settled, it is your responsibility to work hard until your student hits the target. You can convince him/her to practice as many sample questions as possible.

These are a few ways to become an idea tutor. An individual with years of experience in tutoring can boost the scoring of a student.

Monica Paul

Monica Paul, a SAT tutor, specialized in Math. With more than six years of experience as an instructor, she has developed own tutoring technique that converts failure into the success. For the past two years, she has been motivating students through her lectures, speeches, and articles. Her aim is to encourage deprived students to learn more and drive them for the best possible future.

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