Marketing into Colleges: A Student Strategy

Marketing into Colleges: A Student Strategy

Once you have cleared the SATs and you are about to get admission into your favorite college, you will realize the fact that you are not alone, you are just one more guy standing in the queue. In order to get admission into the college, you need to stand out from the crowd. Here the marketing comes in. However, many experts having experience in the relevant field say that “Marketing” is a misnomer as it involves advertising only one’s positive and perfect side and they sometimes lie if they don’t have one. Is goes against the reason for doing it in the first place. The marketing is mainly done in order to look better than others in the crowd and increase your odds of getting the entrance but not at the cost of lying. People many times are found to exaggerate their strong points and suppress their shortcoming only because of the fear of rejection.

Marketing is done to display the real face of the candidate in front of the recruiter so that he can decide how to fit one is to enter the college and perform there. They also try to gauge other psychological factors and behavioral traits in order to judge one’s personality and ability to handle pressure and perform. However a stronger resume is very appealing and very hard to reject, students and their parents need to realize the fact that being weaker doesn’t mean they are going to be rejected, but being evasive could lead to pressure and unwanted worries during the college course. Marketing is primarily supposed to answer the question “Why should we give you admission?”. Answering the question honestly and correctly is marketing enough. The word ‘marketing’ is closely associated with the word advertising which generally means catchy lines or slogans that make you feel that a certain product is good. Here this rule doesn’t apply.

How to market me? This question is a frequently asked one. Here are few points that one might find useful:

1) Showcase your achievements:

Don’t forget to mention all the achievements. Carry all the necessary certificates with you. You never know what will interest them and catch their attention that might be the perfect hit to get you in. Some experts believe in comprehensive marketing, and this list of accomplishments might be the one to impress them.

2) Speak to the point:

In the questions being asked, try to talk to the point instead of spinning the topic elsewhere. An interviewer could see right through that attempt, and it leaves your negative impression on the interviewer. If you are unaware of the topic, just admit it politely and move on. If you know it in detail, try to mention it to that level. It gives an idea about the depth of knowledge you carry. Just speaking anything just for the sake of speaking will not do any good to you in the interview.

3) Be honest:

Admitting your shortcomings is a sign of strength, not weakness. You must not lie on your resume or to your interviewer. If you are unaware of certain facts or points, if asked, admit them and move on. You need not feel guilty or wrong about it. If you have anything interesting to say about a certain topic, say it out loud and correctly. If your thoughts are well said and organized enough you don’t have any reason to be rejected.

4) Have a presence of mind:

It plays a significant role in your marketing and your selection. Have a great presence of mind, use your common sense to answer the questions. Being witty is one of the most simplest and yet one of the most powerful marketing techniques ever. You could earn a respectable position in the college just by showing some presence of mind. However, care must be taken that you don’t come off as ever smart which is a very good reason to be rejected. Draw the line at a proper place and you are off to a very good start as compared to your peers.

5) Be Confident:

It is the key to success. Being confident about yourself is the ultimate marketing you could possibly do for yourself. Be aware that you don’t look arrogant or overconfident, again the line must be drawn at a proper place. Being confident doesn’t mean to become evasive and hide your flaws smartly but accepting them and taking them in a positive way. Remember this is the way many companies have marketed their products and have gained ultimate success. There is no reason you couldn’t.

Remember, marketing not only separates you from the crowd but also brings financial aid to your parents in the college expenditures. So don’t make the mistake of ignoring this step, it could mean the difference between selection and rejection.

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