The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in The New SAT

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in The New SATThe Good, The Bad and The Ugly in The New SAT

Preparing for a Scholastic Assessment Test? Then you must know the recent changes in redesigned SAT, which are very helpful in the learning areas you are going to explore. The list of changes which you are about to see will definitely make an impact in your studies. Read the most important changes of SAT here.

1. Change in Composite Score Range – Good

The score of Math now ranges between 200-800.

The score of Evidence-Based Reading and Writing is now range between 200-800.

The score of essays is now combined to range from 2-8 for separate graders.

The maximum composite score is reduced to 1600 from 2400, and the result of essays are reported separately.

2. No More Guessing Penalties – Good

No more point deduction for blank or wrong answers.

Points are credited for each correct answer.

3. Optional Essays – But Encouraged – Good

Now students need not compulsorily attend the essay section, but it is still encouraged.

Just examine the piece of code – No argument making.

The length of the essay is doubled, i.e., went to 50 minutes.

4. Lot More Graphics Included – Good

Prompts students to examine and portray the graphics in relation to the actual piece of text.

Visual factors such as graphs, tables and charts now appear for Math, Reading, and Writing

Students need to edit textual data to convert it to display graphical elements.

5. History and Science Take the Lead – Good

Students need to analyze the current global events and most recent inventions or discovery.

The most crucial speeches around the globe are included as well as the writings.

Now, science and history play a bigger role in reading and writing content.

6. About the Same Time – Less Number of Questions – Good

The total time for finishing the test is increased to 3 Hours 50 minutes (including additional 5 minutes).

There is a slight increase in Math Questions from 54 to 57.

Less number of questions for reading and writing as reading question falls from 67 to 52 whereas writing questions falls from 49 to 44.

7. No Fill in the Blanks – Bad

Students are now free from fill in the blanks section.

The tested words need to be in relation to the common usage.

The vocabulary lists and flashcards are now not too important.

From the context of passages, students need to recognize the meaning of the word.

8. No Calculator Session for One of the Math Questions – The Ugly

Students are not allowed to use a calculator for a 25-minute math section.

The formulas, equations, and expressions in Algebra are going to rule the Math section as it makes up 35% of math.

The polynomials and quadratic equations make up 27% in advance Math.

The ratios, percentages, and proportions make up 28% in data analysis.

The other 10% comprises of geometry and basic trigonometry functions.

9. Probability of Correct Answer Takes the Leap – Good

As the options for multiple choice questions are reduced to 4 from 5, there is now a higher probability of choosing the right answer.

Even by guessing, students can make out the correct answer.

Now knocking out wrong answers is easier.

10. More Real World Problems – Good

Now the math concentrates on more real world problems.

The reading and writing sections are made easy as students are more likely to encounter the common words used in class.

The college and career contexts grounds the questions asked throughout the exams.

As you can see from the above-listed points, it is clear that the new format of SAT mainly focuses on contents that reflect the kind of reading and particularly the future work lives of the students. It was made public in Spring of 2016. The evidence-based reading and writing are given importance, and the essay is made optional, but the students are encouraged to attend the part.

One of the main things in this new SAT is that the importance is given to real world problems, and the college wants to know how students are resolving it with their answers. From scoring, anatomy, timing and administration, it is made considerably easy for the students to make out their SAT big. No deduction of points is, of course, a best deal it can offer to the students. The overall conclusion is Good as this new SAT concentrates on many things in marks, reading, writing, essays and math.

Monica Paul

Monica Paul, a SAT tutor, specialized in Math. With more than six years of experience as an instructor, she has developed own tutoring technique that converts failure into the success. For the past two years, she has been motivating students through her lectures, speeches, and articles. Her aim is to encourage deprived students to learn more and drive them for the best possible future.

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