Why Classroom Needs Technology?

Why Classroom Needs Technology?

Over the last few years, technology has grown exponentially. You can see that the people use slimmer TVs as compared to the big old boxes, hard-pressing mobiles are replaced with touch screen smartphones and tablets. Now, even books are replaced with e-readers. But the classroom? It really needs technology, isn’t it?

The classroom experiences are enhanced in a large scale by using the tools like video/DVD lessons, document cameras, and the lectures have improved a lot in classrooms. Online classes are becoming available day to day. Technology is enhancing the students’ learning experience by showing the elements visually and enhances the abilities of learning methods.

Technology can make an impact in the learning process in the classrooms, and it is just difficult to describe as it is such a broad umbrella that covers practices and so many different tools. There are just many ways that the technology can become an essential part of the education process.

Advantages of implementing technology:

By including the technology in the classroom, students feel more empowered and will get the following benefits. It can suit all the students who study in a virtual classroom.

• The students can access up to date course material

• The students can collaborate with other students, teachers, and even experts from around the world.

• Understanding the concept by visualizing it through multimedia elements.

• Students can learn relevant material by accessing many available resources.

• They can present their knowledge and even practically design things from their understanding of things.

Technology determines how you connect, socialize, shop, play, and most crucially learn. But there are some schools which are making delay implement technology in class. Some of the tools are used widely in day to day basis such as text readers, screen readers, text to speech and many others. To integrate the technological tools fully into the classroom, the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) is taking necessary steps. It mainly aims to advance the capabilities of technology through Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in the classrooms. It is considered as an effort to develop integrating flexible tools and flexible educational settings, that can benefit students of all learning styles.

Some schools provide all of these tools to their students while writing online assessment tests. These tools help students in many ways, as the electronic pencil lets students do both math calculations as well as taking notes. The technological revolution is just starting to gain momentum these days in the classroom.

The major reasons:

The schools need to implement Technology in Classroom because of the following reasons.

1. Technology will definitely help prepare students well for their future careers, including the usage of wireless technology in the classroom.

2. To reach the diversity of learning styles, it is definitely a great way to integrate technology in the classroom.

3. Technology encourages collaboration between the students and also gives a chance to interact with their classmates.

4. Technology is a great way of preparing the students to solve real-world problems. As each and every nation is involving and investing mostly in technologies, it is necessary for each and every student to be a tech-savvy.

5. Students keep engaged every day if you integrate technology into the classrooms. Also, no one hates technology, so the students are not likely to skip the classes if you implement technology in the classroom. It keeps them interesting, and the students love it.

6. The classroom is no longer a boring place if you tend to integrate technology. Also, students want to learn many things as possible because it keeps them interested.

7. Students can access the most up to date information in the comfort of being in the classroom, and they can grasp it quicker as compared before if you introduce technology in classrooms.

8. With the technology the teacher becomes the coach, advisor, and motivator in the classrooms

9. Students take more control over their own learning methods and also it makes them more responsible. It teaches them actually to think for themselves and how to make their own decisions.

10. Students will be free from heavy old books to carry along with them. With the help of technology, students can learn from e-books with digital content and information which are creative and helpful.

To keep up with the students, it is crucial that the school wireless networks keep up with the ever-changing and evolving technologies. Students can actually communicate with their teachers over emails and can actually learn the lessons quickly and even clarify the doubts by accessing the information available online.

Rita Smith

Rita Smith, a caring and proud mom of two sweet baby girls. She is an expert author of many award-winning educational books. She believes that education must be free from the financial boundaries, and it should never impede financially weak families. Her work for poor and underprivileged students speaks for itself. She has been actively participating in webinars that make her a professional yet friendly counsellor.

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