Avoiding Study Overload: Take the Best Study Breaks

Avoiding Study Overload: Take the Best Study Breaks

Studying for a countless number of hours tend to be pretty frustrating. Students know this situation very well because they have a tendency to cram in as much study sessions as possible in their routine. You’ll see that we have used this particular term “countless” in our first statement. That word is basically a figure of speech because surely, you can count the number of hours that your child has studied at the time of your examination but if you look at it from your child’s point of view; you’ll realize that the finite number of hours has turned into something that looks pretty infinite from the hindsight.


Studying for long hours is not only very miserable but can also be pretty unproductive. We alone are not saying that. Even a research suggests that certain diversions during studies can be pretty productive. But you have to ensure that the breaks are taken in an efficient manner. This article will highlight some of the best possible ways through which one can take an active study break. Let’s go through them.

Take a walk   

This traditional method can still be considered one of the best study breaks. Put your body to work and give your mind a break. A simple walk around your college campus or your residence can boost your brain, thereby reenergizing your capability to work through your studies again at a later time. Physical activity increases the flow of blood to your brain which, in turn, increases your efficiency in mental activities. Walking also has a few more benefits. Walking improves creative thinking abilities in students and can also improve cognitive performance and memory. So get up and take a walk. You’ll see the difference yourself.

Take a snack break  

Everybody loves a snack between studies. But healthy food is the key here. Junk foods should be avoided as much as possible while taking a short snack break. Junk food can deter your energy to get back into your studies. Therefore, a balanced meal comprising of some healthy nutrition is recommended. We recommend a snack consisting of a few fruits and veggies. You would see how that meal reenergizes your brain thereby, increasing the productivity of your study sessions.

A power nap can be the key

Sleep can always be considered a great way through which you can reset your brain. Taking a timed nap during study sessions can do wonders. A twenty-minute nap can vastly improve an individual’s cognitive functions. This will help you to stay focused and alert, resulting in an improved performance in studies.

Meditation can also be pretty effective

A brief meditation session between studies can do you a whole lot of good and increase your effectiveness in studies. Even yoga classes can do this job to a certain extent. If you find these activities too boring, listening to music can also work to a certain extent. Turn off your lights, put on your headphones and listen to a soothing music for 20 minutes. This act can also be considered an act of meditation. But please do not listen to music while you are studying your lessons. That distraction is undesirable.

Keep an organized study space

A clean and organized workspace is a cheerful workspace. Studying in a dirty or cluttered workspace can be a cause of distraction from the assignment at your hand. A simple clean-up can do wonders. The clean-up activity itself can be considered a break, in fact a positive break that can translate into a positive mindset. It can even give you the idea of your productivity. And if you feel that you have been productive, there are high chances for you to remain productive in your upcoming study activities.

Painting can also relieve stress

Do you still remember all those paintings that you did when you were a child? Well, you probably do paint now but not as often as you did in the past, right? Painting is a great distraction that results in a positive outcome. The engagement with all those bright colors, paint brushes, and various other items can reenergize you to the maximum possible manner. So if you want to relive the stress factor associated with your exams, involve in painting between study sessions. You will be benefitted for sure.

Study breaks can be considered one of the best ways to alleviate stress and increase your productivity at the same time. So take short breaks between lessons as per your convenience and you’ll see the change. That should be all for now. Hope you had a good read.

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