ARITHMO, a unique game of Arithmetics for Children

ARITHMO, a unique game of Arithmetics for Children

As the name suggests, ARITHMO is a game based on arithmetics. The word 'Arithmo' seems to be taken from the Greek word 'Arithmos'( meaning “number”), from which the word 'arithmetic' actually originates. It's a unique game of arithmetics that is quite fun and engaging. This challenging game is suitable for students to get a good mental exercise by practicing various arithmetic concepts through virtual simulations.



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Arithmo was developed by Zoki Games. Arithmo is basically a puzzle-based game that is helpful in sharpening minds and developing brain functions. The Arithmo app has a minimum requirement of Android 2.2. The app is available for free in Google play.

Levels of Difficulty

There are 3 levels of difficulty. These are:

  • Easy,
  • Medium,
  • Hard.


Arithmo Interface displaying various levels of difficulty

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How to achieve the Main Objective of the Game?

The main objective is pretty simple. The users have to connect 3 adjacent numbers from the available numbers on the interface and mentally apply primary calculation processes (addition, subtraction) to get the target result that is provided at the bottom left of the interface. You can get this basic idea from the two images shown below.


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Let's take the example of this Arithmo game problem in the image shown above. The users have to detect 3 numbers in an order that is represented by 4 small diagrams (right above the + - signs). The target result is “4”. There's a certain time-limit within which the problem needs to be solved. The digital clock at the bottom keeps on ticking as soon as the level activates. The goal of the user is that s/he has to complete the level before the timer runs to 0. He has to solve the problem within the least possible time to get as much score as possible.


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Here, the 3 appropriate numbers are selected to get the target result “4 (5+2-3)”. The process is completed within the time-limit and thus, the objective is accomplished.

What does this game teach?

Arithmo provides a convenient arithmetic learning experience. The structure of the game is designed in a manner where the users have to use substantial arithmetic skills to solve the puzzles. This game has gained immense popularity among math teachers because this game has the capability of speeding up an individual's ability to perform basic calculations with numbers. This game also helps in developing problem-solving abilities and logical thinking. Thus, children will be able to develop the basic arithmetic efficiencies and think differently that's going to help them to stand out from the crowd. The challenge for the users is mainly the race against time which is a beautiful aspect of this game. This aspect will help the users to manage time effectively while solving real-time arithmetic sums. This is tremendously beneficial in certain competitive exams that children will have to face in future where the number of test questions are almost equal or sometimes more than the designated minutes. Each second available in those exams will be equivalent to that of gold dust. Time management skills hence become an important factor to perform at a level of satisfaction.

This game also helps the users to build their confidence before they appear for competitive tests like SAT, GRE, GMAT etc. Arithmo promotes collaboration between children and parents/teachers. Parents or teachers can work with children on the app thereby, helping them to get to the right solution within the prescribed time-limit.

Game features in a nutshell

  • Arithmo can fasten up the ability of performing calculations with numbers.
  • This game helps to build and sharpen the logical deduction skills.
  • This game also develops cognitive abilities.
  • It helps in developing concentration cum focus.
  • There is no barrier in language.

If you want your child to get an early start in the basics of arithmetics, it's best to introduce him/her to this unique game. Your child will get the training in arithmetics without even realizing that fact. This game can be played anywhere. Is your child bored when you are stuck in a traffic jam? Let him/her play this game in the same situation. S/He will be engaged immediately and play to his/her heart's content. This is definitely not an app that provides math homework. This is just a game which imparts effective math lessons and is fun to play as well.

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