A-Level (Advanced Level) Mathematics: Should it be made compulsory?

A-Level (Advanced Level) Mathematics: Should it be made compulsory?

A-Level (Advanced Level) Mathematics a further qualification in the field of mathematics. A-level mathematics is taken in the UK and sometimes in other countries as well. The House of Lords provided a suggestion of making A-level mathematics compulsory for all school students after the age of sixteen. But is it obligatory? We’ll see that in this article.


Importance of the Subject

Mathematics doesn’t come naturally to everybody. It’s seen to be troublesome or pretty intimidating by many. But the significance of this seemingly abstract subject is endless. Some students might have developed this idea of not picking up a math-related science subject at a later stage of their career. That’s fine. They are free to do as they wish with their career. But we would like to point out only this fact that even though it might seem from the foresight that a particular science subject doesn’t inculcate mathematics in its concepts, it certainly not always as it appears to be. From the hindsight, you’ll undoubtedly encounter many basic math concepts incorporated by that “math-less” subject that you thought it should be.

To be honest, all science-related degrees do not demand mathematics. But like we said before, sometimes, somewhere you are bound to come across a few math related concepts in the same subject; you might be aware of that fact or not. However, mathematics is at the core of modern science. Any student who has an underdeveloped base of mathematics will found a whole lot of trouble in many science-related subjects at the later stage of his/her career. Even knowledge of the basics of numeracy holds much gravity than others.

Mathematics allows the students to understand the statistical representation done in a new column or a news article. It enables them to make sense of economics, medicine and even law. If you have no idea about numbers or the ways through which you can deal with them, you will be at a disadvantage both socially and financially.

Should it be made compulsory?  

Considering the importance of the subject highlighted above, we reckon that the suggestion made by the House of Lords about making A-Level Math compulsory should bear mixed responses. Surely, it has one good effect because all students will necessarily be involved in this intricate field of education which would be beneficial in the long run. But then what about a particular student who has developed a strong hatred to this subject? It’s not uncommon. Several students do not like mathematics at all. It’ll be useless to force them to study A-level mathematics in our opinion. If they can be convinced to think about the importance of this subject by showing them some of the significant benefits of math, then this issue will be solved to a certain extent. You can take the help of a professional tutor who can convince your child on your behalf by showing him/her the significance of mathematics and the lucrative career prospects it has. Otherwise, we don’t think it should be made compulsory. What do you reckon? We would be happy to listen to your opinions if you do want to share them with us in the space below. That should be all for now. Hope you had a good read.

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