A Complete Review of “Move the Turtle” Coding App

A Complete Review of “Move the Turtle” Coding App

Programming has become a part of the basic literacy. There are several apps in the market that is suitable for beginners who want to get themselves involved in the world of programming. Move the Turtle is one such programming app capable of serving the purpose effectively. We have provided you with a short review for your reference. Let’s begin.


A brief description

The app has an adorable turtle as its main avatar. It’s so cute that it can automatically capture the attention of a kid. The players will have to perform different tasks with the turtle; almost all of which are related to programming.

The activity is pretty engaging and fun at the same time. And the best thing is that the players won’t even realize that they are actually learning programming while engaging with this app.


Move the Turtle: Introductory Screen

Source- https://www5.pcmag.com/media/images/367287-move-the-turtle-intro-screen.jpg#sthash.1R9V5YrK.dpuf

Note: The game instructions in the app do not come by means of audio prompts. These are displayed on the device screen in the form of bubbles and pop-ups. This feature might prove to a bit of a disadvantage for kids who are too young to read. In such cases, parental supervision is advised. As soon as they learn to read, this won’t be much of a problem.

The game interface

The game interface is quite easy to comprehend and is quite convenient to use at the same time.

“Move The Turtle” supports 3 modes that are namely Play, Compose and Projects. The “play” mode of the app is considered to be the instructional mode. The same mode contains a step-by-step instructional mode. The players will have to put commands together in the “compose” mode, thereby designing their very own programs. The “projects” mode will show the players the built-in programs that come with the app. The previous programs that are designed and saved by the players are also displayed in that category.

The Workspace

The device screen is divided into 2 halves. There’s a space for composing the program instructions which lies on the left and there’s a chalkboard with a small turtle that lies on the right. Refer to the 2 images below.



You’ll see that there’s a blue diamond on the chalkboard along with that adorable turtle. That blue diamond is your goal. Get the turtle to the diamond and you beat the level.

The blue diamond can be found anywhere on the board. The players will have to learn about several ways to design a program by utilizing the in-game command tiles. The commands are Move, Color, Pen, Turn, Position, Repeat, Sound as well as Conditions. Players will also be able to experiment with programs by customizing commands as they see fit. The reflected changes in the program output can be seen on the same app itself by tapping on the “play” button.

Key learning features on the app

The game has a total of 3 chapters. Each chapter has a total of 9 levels. The levels are based on an ascending degree of difficulty.

Players will be able to improvise, create, learn and have fun at the same time. The app also comes up with helpful tips. The players can refer to them if they are stuck on a specific level.


The app is compatible with all Apple devices. It is available on iTunes for download.

Move the Turtle is definitely recommended for beginners and starters who want to explore the world of programming. With that, we’ll bring this article to an end. Ciao!

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