7 Super Spooky Math Games To Play This Halloween

7 Super Spooky Math Games To Play This Halloween

Many students consider mathematics to be “spooky.” This is considered to be a real part of the problem by many teachers. But isn’t there a solution? In this era, there certainly is no problem without a solution. There are various games, apps, puzzles etc. available in the market that can be an effective solution to this problem.

Below we have enlisted a few spooky game of mathematics tailor-made for kids. It’s Halloween and hence, it’s time that our kids’ games become a little spookier. But before we begin we’d say “spooky” doesn’t always mean “scary”. The best example is Casper, the friendly ghost. Remember him?

  • King of Math

In this game, the players will have to defend a virtual castle from zombie attacks. It has a pretty simple gameplay. The objective of the players is to provide correct answers to math questions. Correct answers will eliminate zombies and help you to hold on to your defense as long as possible.

The game provides users with several levels of difficulty. You can check this game out here.

  • Ghost Blasters III

You’ll have to blast away ghosts in this game on one hand and provide correct answers to simple operational arithmetic on the other. Each ghost will come up on your screen with different numbers. An arithmetic problem will be displayed below. You’ll have to calculate on your own, find the answer and shoot the ghost bearing that answer among others on your screen. You’ll then repeat for the others.

The game has a simple interface and it’s undoubtedly pretty eye-catching. Ghost Blasters III even supports a 2-player mode. Check the game out here.

  • Teddies and Monsters

The name of the game looks to be a bit of a paradox. You have cute and cuddly teddies on one hand and a monster on the other. Well anyway, let’s get to the topic of our game first rather than vivisecting the game name.

In this game, players will have to knock various monsters out on the screen with the help of a ball. You’ll have to avoid teddies in the process. The game level will fail if you hit a teddy by mistake. It’s a simple concept but it’s undoubtedly pretty entertaining. Check this game out here.

  • Escape from Fraction Manor

The game features an eerie atmosphere and also has a creepy background music which is capable enough of getting under your skin. It’s the perfect game to engage with on a Halloween afternoon.

Players will have to avoid the monsters and unveil fractional puzzles by accumulating all the cards featured in the game. After unveiling the puzzles, the players will have to solve them accordingly. Instructions will be shown on the screen as per requirement. You can check this game out here.

  • Full Moon

This one’s an arcade style game. Players will have to explore the night time scenery portrayed in the game and find the apt food for the game protagonist which is a hungry rabbit.

The rabbit will act as the source for a clue. It will display the image of the food that it requires and the player will have search for the same from its surroundings. The food can be hidden in surprising places. Players will have to discover them by calculated guesswork or by accident. Check this game out here.

  • MathMan: Multiple and Divide

This game is similar to the classic Packman game. MathMan is based on operational arithmetic (like the name says multiplications and divisions). Players will have to act as a guide to their game protagonist MathMan and move it around the device screen so that it reaches its destination. The destination will be mentioned in the game. The game is undoubtedly pretty simple but is also pretty engaging. Check this game out here.

  • Pumpkin Multiples

You’ll have to play as a ghost in this game. The main objective is to collect pumpkins that are going to fall from the sky. Each pumpkin has a specific number. You’ll have to collect specifically those pumpkins that are the multiples of a particular number. Check this game out here.

Before we conclude the topic, we would like to point out one thing. We usually hear all the time that video games play the main role in making our children ill.

They are unhealthy and are definitely a part of the things that should be avoided. The gaming time needs to be limited to the bare minimum. 

Well, to be honest they do have a few negatives on one hand but on the other, they do have a few positives if they are accessed in the right way. You might be surprised to hear that video games can actually help to improve our physical, mental and emotional health.

But like we said before, everything depends on the way how you use it. Use it wisely and you’ll definitely benefit in the long run.

We’ll bring this article to a close now. Hope you had a good read. Have a Happy Halloween!


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