7 Free Android Physics Apps For Students

7 Free Android Physics Apps For Students

Physics is often considered to be pretty difficult to learn due to the vast array of formulae, theories, equation and of course the dreaded numerical. The main problem is the range of similarities among them that confuses many students. There are a few Android physics apps available on the internet that can inculcate a love for physics in students and also provide them with the necessary help on the subject. We have listed seven such apps for your reference. Let’s go through them.


1. Pocket Physics

This Android app is capable of providing you with all necessary information related to significant physics topics like gravity, energy, motion, etc. You’ll basically have your physics text book on your very own phone and inside your pocket. Therefore the name of this app is undoubtedly apt and right on the money. Pocket Physics is available for download from Google Play, and the best thing is this app’s free of any cost.


2.Complete Physics

This app has more than 15 significant Physics topics compiled within it. The users can develop a unique vocabulary on physics through this app that should benefit them in the long run. The Complete Physics app also enables the users to save as well as edit their essential notes in the format that they desire. The app is available for free on Google Play.


3.High School Physics- Free

This app provides users with a detailed list of physics formulae and other related equations. All of them are somewhat related to a specific curriculum.

This app also provides users with additional options for opening various Wiki links to learn more about specific topics as per your choice. High School Physics is a free app and is available on Google Play for download.


4.Physics Solver

This app is particularly beneficial for the students who are facing a lot of difficulty in solving physics numerical and other conceptual questions. This app can show you the complete solutions of numerous physics problems cum equations accompanied with accurate answers. The app’s also available for free on Google Play.


5.Physics Formulas Free

The “Physics Formulas Free” app can be considered to be extraordinary because of a unique feature that it offers. You can enter any form of Physics problem into it, and the app can solve the same on your behalf. The app supports a vast array of physics topics that can range from atomic physics to thermodynamics. You will be able to add, save and share your desired physics topic with this app. The app also supports many other foreign languages.

Physics Formulas Free is available for free on Google Play.


6.Physics Dictionary

The users will be able to find the explanation of numerous physics terms on this app just like a dictionary, and hence, the app truly lives up to its name. This app also allows users to bookmark their essential and mostly used terms. Another significant feature of this app is that it has the capability of working offline.

Physics Dictionary is available on Google Play for download.


7.Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles

Like the name suggests, this app provides users with a variety of challenging puzzles capable of sharpening minds for a variety of physics challenges.

Users can also learn about various methods through which they can cross different informative puzzles through this app. This app’s available for download on Google Play and this one’s also absolutely free of cost.


We would sign off for now then. Hope you had a good read.

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