7 apps for teaching Geometry to Kindergarten Children

7 apps for teaching Geometry to Kindergarten Children

Geometry is part and parcel of Mathematics. Geometry is not only included within the school mathematics curriculum, but is also present in every aspect of life. You will find angles, lines, segments, shapes, curves etc. everywhere. You'll find them on this page as well. Letters are made of lines, curves, segments etc. It's necessary for your children to grab the basic concepts of geometry at an early age to build a strong base in the subject. In this technology-oriented world, we have the options to incorporate technology into our children's education for a more effective and enjoyable learning experience. There are a number of apps available in the market that are suitable for teaching geometry effectively to children. 7 of them are listed below.


1. All About Shapes (ages 2+)

This app is perfectly suitable for introducing the fundamental concepts of shapes to young children. Children will be able to detect shapes, color etc. and will also be able to solve puzzles as well. The shapes include circle, heart, oval, rectangle, triangle and many more. This app is free and is available at Google Play (for Android) and iTunes (for iPhone and iPad).

The Gameplay

2. Busy Shapes (ages 2+)

This app allows children to improve their abilities in handling simple objects by means of a number of puzzles. The players have to select or change proper shapes and place those shapes in the appropriate holes. Some levels may involve additional tasks like avoiding an obstacle while moving a shape to its destination avoiding “sticky puddles” etc. The app also helps them with convenient guidance tips to achieve the task in hand. 'Busy Shapes' is available here.


Busy Shapes Gameplay

3. Shape the Village (ages 3+)

This app can stimulate the creative imagination of children on one hand and on the other hand, it educates them about various shapes. The players have to construct buildings and various characters of a village using shapes. This game is pretty engaging as well as encouraging because of the lure of rewards at the end of each activity. 'Shape the Village' is available here.

Shape the Village


4. Doodle Math: Shapes (ages 3+)

 Children can learn about eight different shapes like rectangle, triangle, square, trapezoid, circle, semicircle, pentagon and hexagon through this app. The players will be able to sort, remember, match, create and find different shapes as well through this app. This app is available here.

Doodle Math: Shapes, an overview

5. Geoboard (ages 3+)

 Geoboard is an excellent app for students to explore various geometry topics. The players have to stretch virtual rubber bands around small virtual pins to construct various shapes like triangles, rectangles, polygons etc. The players will also get an idea of other topics that are related to these shapes like area, perimeter, angles, congruency etc. the app also provides a lot of additional features. The rubber bands available in this app are of various colors that can be used as per the player's choice. The shapes constructed by the players can be filled with colors according to their choices. Hence, it can be said that this app allows the players to experiment with a lot of other features, thereby enhancing their knowledge of geometry. Geoboard is a free app and is available for download from iTunes (for iPhone and iPad).

An Overview of Geoboard


6. Geometry 4 Kids (ages 3+)

 This app is suitable for teaching a number of geometry topics to students. It contains various learning modules that are capable of explaining each concept in an intelligible manner. There are practice modules as well. There's a thinking section in this app which provides questions that are challenging in nature. This section is capable of stimulating the logical reasoning ability of students. The best feature of this app is that it also contains some advanced geometry topics that are suitable for middle school students as well. The various topics covered by this app are listed below:

  • 2D shapes (for ages 3+),
  • 3D shapes (for ages 5+),
  • Faces as well as sides (for ages 6+),
  • Corners (for ages 6+),
  • Symmetry (for ages 3+),
  • Rays, Angles and line segments (for ages 7+),
  • Polygons and Triangles (for ages 7+),
  • Congruency cum Transformations (for ages 8+),
  • Riddles (for ages 5+),
  • Critical thinking (for ages 5+).

This app is available at Google Play (for Android) and iTunes (for iPhone and iPad).

Geometry 4 Kids

7. Zorbit's Math Adventure for Kindergarten: Geometry (ages 4+)

This app teaches geometrical concepts to children through a story-based game. The players have to play as virtual space travelers. They will be building toys, setting up puppet shows etc. at a Space Fair. They will also be learning various concepts of geometry like shapes, designs, composite figures etc. this app is available here.


A screenshot of the app

Image courtesy- apple.co/1oo0jV7

 Children may face difficulty in learning geometry concepts due to the abstract nature of these sums. The simplest example can be a sum related to the 3D figures, like a cube, cuboid, sphere etc. When you are actually solving those sums on a piece of paper, you are looking at the problem from a 2D perspective. It might be difficult for children to comprehend such type of sums. The apps listed above can solve that problem to a certain extent by presenting the subject in front of them in a realistic and also amusing manner. They also develop the critical thinking ability of children and children may not even be aware of that fact. It's definitely the right time to combine technology with our children's education to give them a head-start in their lives.

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