6 More key Physics Apps for Students

6 More key Physics Apps for Students

Physics is really considered to be complicated by many students. There are several Physics apps available in the market that can provide an effective education of the subject. We have previously highlighted a few of these apps (Android) for our readers. We are going to add to that list above in this article. Let’s go through 6 more (iOS) key Physics apps for savvy students who are enthusiastic enough on this subject.


Physics Calculator

This app’s great for students who need a bit of extra help with calculations related to projectile motions or with problems that involve dimensional collisions. Students can conveniently use trigonometric laws to solve physics problems related to 2D motion.

Users will have to enter the values of the target object, and this app will show you the accurate results of its projection, height, velocity, angle and flight. Students will also be able to calculate the voltage of R-C circuits (both parallel and series circuit designs).

Physics Calculator is available on the iTunes at a reasonable price.


This app is the real deal for students who face real difficulty in mechanics. Students will be able to comprehend dynamics of objects in motion easily through this app.

The app offers users with simulated models of movable bodies having adjustable settings that students can utilize to change variables ranging from velocity, distance and time.

Students will be able to comprehend core concepts of the ways through which bodies move in a linear and non-linear path. This app is available for free on iTunes.


This app provides students with a functional interface where users can watch educational videos that are based on various topics of physics including nuclear physics, heat, energy, motion, electricity, gravitation, electric current, etc.

The app offers an all round approach to physics education where a student can comprehend theories and other empirical methods through the use of a single tool. The app is available on the iTunes at a reasonable price.

Physics Oxford Dictionary

This app is an interactive dictionary that provides users with comprehensive meanings and other definitions of physics terms, words and other concepts that are related to the same subject. The app features 3800+ word meanings and other technical terms.

The app also integrates various graphs, charts, maps and diagrams that can enhance the learning experience of enthusiastic students. The app’s available on iTunes. The price is a little on the higher side, but we can say that this one really lives up to its price tag.

Gravity Lab

This is another simulation app for physics students.

Gravity Lab offers students with real-time activities where students can engage with different concepts of gravity and its application on earth as well as space. The app also incorporates a guide that can teach Newton’s laws of Gravity and the planetary laws of Kepler. Through this app, users will be able to create a simulated version of the solar system where one can evaluate the forces, effects and energies between bodies of mass.

Gravity Lab is available on the iTunes at a reasonable price.

Formula Max

This app’s an ultimate guide for students who need a little help with physics formulae. The app has 1150+ formulae that are concerned with problems related to math, physics, and chemistry. Students will be able to refer to formulae suitable for complex arithmetical questions. Users will also be able to get instant solutions to logarithmic and trigonometric problems through this app. The insertion of values in a formula would get them the answer. Nothing can be simpler than that.

Formula Max is available for download on iTunes at a nominal price.

We’ll sign off for now then. Hope you had a good read.

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