5 Reasons For Which Chemistry is Considered to be Pretty Tough by Students

5 Reasons For Which Chemistry is Considered to be Pretty Tough by Students

Many students find chemistry quite tough. They simply can’t comprehend the subject, the concepts, the laws etc. The different symbols and formulae wreak havoc on their confidence and performance. But why do they find the subject troublesome? Let’s go through a few reasons for which they find the subject difficult.


Chemical symbols might be a little confusing

Yeah, this one’s a common problem among many students. Chemical symbols! Why is sodium written as “Na” instead of “So”? It’s almost natural for students to develop these sorts of questions especially when they are relatively new to the subject. And then suddenly they came to know that the symbols are actually based on the Latin names rather than the English names of these chemicals. [Latin name of Sodium’s “Natrium” and hence, goes the symbol “Na.”] Now they ask themselves the question as to why they are represented like that. Can you answer that? Well, we can’t.

The use of Mathematics is Chemistry

Chemistry is a subject that incorporates a huge amount of mathematics. Remember that physical chemistry involving empirical formula, atomic weights, the gas laws, etc. etc.? Well, it does involve mathematics, isn’t it? So it can easily be said that students who struggle in mathematics will automatically struggle in chemistry. Well, it’s just a hypothesis but it’s logical, isn’t it?

Since both the subjects are interlinked, students should develop that ability to incorporate a set of skills required in one subject to another which in this case is the skills required in mathematics in chemistry.

Chemistry involves both the memory and the problem-solving skills

If you are a guy having a superb capability of memorizing a good deal of facts, figures and information but face a lot of problems in applying your critical problem-solving problems, this point’s NOT good for you. If you are a guy having the capability of thinking logically and solve problems but face difficulty in remembering facts, figures and information, this point’s also NOT good for you.

Reason- The subject involves a whole lot of facts and figures that need to be mortised and then it also involves many concepts where you are expected to apply your critical problem-solving skills.

That’s one of the main reasons for which students struggle in Chemistry because students seldom possess both the skills mentioned above. They generally have a single set of skills, but sadly that’s not good enough especially from the point of view of Chemistry. You are expected to be adept in both. Difficult..eh?

Students seldom see the applications of chemistry in real life


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This one’s a little obvious; isn’t it? Can a student see atoms in daily life or the molecules? They seldom see the applications of equations in real life because they do not think that they can actually happen. How can two chemicals form an entirely different chemical with completely different properties? It happens only in textbooks, not in real life. That’s the way they think, and thus, the relevance of the subject goes down the drain.

Everyone says “Chemistry’s tough,” therefore it is tough

There are some students who are quick to believe their fella classmates. They are easily influenced and sometimes they are influenced even by a simple statement. But a statement that’s made only once seldom influences a student. It’s the constant moans and comments that play an important role in influencing a student’s mind.

Say for example; A’s a student who is fairly new to the subject of Chemistry. B’s another guy who is relatively senior to him and have somewhat a greater idea of the subject than him. B finds Chemistry difficult. B finds no interest in the subject and shows his hatred of the subject in front of A quite enthusiastically. Remember we said previously that A has almost zero experience of the subject Chemistry. But do you know what happens in this case? A starts developing this idea that Chemistry might be tough because B’s saying it. After all, B’s senior and knows things more than A. So A considers the subject to be tough without even delving deep into the subject. The battle’s lost before it even began.

So do you see the reasons for which students consider this subject difficult? But let’s be fair to them at least in this very last paragraph. Chemistry is definitely not a piece of cake because it does involve both your memory and your critical problem-solving skills. It’s difficult to be good in both like we said up above. However, please do remember that struggling in this subject isn’t the end of the world. Your performance will definitely improve if you study the subject tactically. Professional tutors can definitely help you out in that respect. With that statement, we’ll sign off for now. Hope you had a pleasant read.

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