5 Proven Ways to take Better Math Notes

5 Proven Ways to take Better Math Notes

“Tomorrow there’s your dreaded math test. You have opened your math notes for the last bit of revision on the subject matter. Suddenly, you realize that specific notes are not quite clear like the way it should have been. Time’s running out on one hand, and pressure’s mounting on the other.”


Do you remember this unpleasant situation before a math test? Yes, you have been through it before, and it’s very unpleasant. Unnecessary pressure isn’t very desirable. It’s better to take a lesson from those mistakes and take some steps to avoid its repetition in future. Prevention is better than cure. There are various ways through which you can take better notes at class. This article will highlight some useful ways for recording better math notes.

Use a recorder

This technique is the easiest way of taking down your math notes. It’s pretty useful as well. All you’ll need is your phone. Every smartphone is capable of supporting this recording feature; hence, there shouldn’t be much problem for you to implement this technique (assuming the fact that you are allowed to use mobile phones in class). We know that certain classes/schools do not permit the implementation of cell phones. In such cases, you can consult with the teacher to implement any alternative gadgets as a recorder. A simple traditional pocket tape-recorder should serve the purpose effectively.

Audio lectures are pretty useful in a situation where you have failed to understand a particular part of your scribbled notes because of illegible handwriting due to several factors that can include water damage or ripped pages. In such situation, you can play your recorded lecture again to go through that particular part again.

Write your notes by hand 

Some students have the belief that typing is as much useful as handwriting. This idea is not that practical in a case where the concerned subject in mathematics. You’ll have to go through several charts, graphs as well as figures in mathematics. You’ll face such problems and might have to record the same in your notes. Typing will be pretty difficult especially when you encounter such problems where such charts and figures are required. Even certain linear equations are quite complicated to be typed out on a computer. We are not saying that it‘s impossible to type them out on a computer. We are saying that it’s challenging and time-consuming. Hence, we are asking you to write them out. Students who make their notes on their own have a better capability of understanding and applying the concepts accordingly. So you see that sometimes the traditional ways of learning do have the higher hand over these sophisticated modern methods of education.

Do not jump steps in your notes 

We do not recommend step jumping in mathematics even if you know the process like the back of your hand. And if you are in the course of making your notes, we highly recommend you to avoid jumping steps. We are saying that because of a simple reason. Even if you know and understand all the steps of a particular math topic in class, there are still chances for you to forget them at home. There’s also a high probability for you to forget some steps before an exam amidst all the pressure. It’s better to write them down completely without jumping over any step. After all, when you are recording something, you must record each and every aspect of it. This practice will surely be beneficial for you in the long run.

Keep a tab on exceptions

Certain exceptions arise in implementing certain math operations. You should maintain a record of such exceptions for your reference. Recording such exceptions will certainly improve your overall experience of mathematics. Develop the habit of asking your teachers about specific exceptions in particular math topic and you’ll be amazed at your improved performance in mathematics.

Review extra math problems related to the same theme at home

This step is one that can help you to be familiar with specific exceptions that might have been overlooked in class. You have to agree that it’s almost impossible to go through each and every exceptional sum related to a particular math topic in a class of say, 50 students. Therefore, a student must bear a part of that responsibility. If your teacher has missed a certain exceptional sum in class, it doesn’t mean that the sum’s unimportant. You have to find such unique sums on your own, and if you are unable to decipher the process by which it can be solved, you must bring it to your teacher’s notice. You may also opt for private math tuitions to help you out on this matter. So review extra math problems and you’ll surely come across these exceptions that we are talking about.

Taking effective notes in classes will surely help you to improve performance in mathematics. We wish you all the best with your endeavors. With that, we’ll conclude our article.

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