5 iOS & Android Math Apps for Young Children

5 iOS & Android Math Apps for Young Children

Digital learning has become an important tool of education in this technology-oriented era. The effectiveness of digital learning cannot be ignored any more. Leaning mathematics through apps, games and various virtual tasks has gained momentum these days and is also proving to be quite beneficial for students. This time we’ll highlight 5 such apps suitable for young children available in both iOS and Android.


1. Kids Academy 123 Tracing

This app is suitable for young children to learn everything about numbers. They will be able to recreate each number on the device screen itself. There’s no need of paper and pens/pencils. Players are shown certain numbers and are taught the ways through which they will be able to draw them on the screen. The players will have to recreate the same using their fingers on the screen itself. On successful completion of each level, the players are rewarded with jolly words of motivation coupled with virtual fireflies placed in a jar. There’s a mode called the “parent mode” where the guardians can supervise the progress of their children. This app is available for download from iOS app store and Android Google Play store.

2. Number Monster

Number Monster’s another app that is perfectly suitable for kindergarten children. This simple app teaches children the ways to recognize numbers from 1 to 20. This app is pretty user-friendly and is almost tailor-made for children. The game interface looks pretty amusing. There’s a 3-eyed monster in the game who loves numbers. He asks the player to look for a certain number imprinted on a mushroom and the player has to search for the same and give it to the monster. Simple, yet entertaining. Children should love it. Number Monster is available from iOS app store and Android Google Play for download.

3. Math tales- The Jungle

This app teaches mathematics and other logical operations to children to players through the means of a story that links a number of mathematical topics. The app combines a fun as well as rhythmic tale with twenty-seven math games and other logic-based subjects. The lessons are divided into 9 chapters that include learning numbers, colors and many other key topics. Get this colorful app from iOS app store.

4. Math Bingo

If you were searching for an app that would teach basic arithmetic operations to children in a simple, effective and fun manner, you are in luck. Bingo! This app’s name the same as that expression of glee. Math Bingo teaches operations like additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions to players. The app sets up a number of questions based on the choice set by the players and the level of the players’ math skills. There’s a timer that ticks away as the players are completing each level. Players can replay the level to beat their best recorded time and thus, indirectly they also improve their math skills. You should tell your children to disregard the clock at the start if they are just beginners to reduce undue pressure created by the time limit. But as soon as they get the hang of it, you can implement the clock to start improving their skills. Math Bingo is available on iOS and Android Google Play.

5. Let’s Do Mental Maths

This app is an effective tool to monitor your children’s progress and it tests most math topics. Students belonging to the age group of 5 to 6, 7 to 8, 8 to 9, 9 to 10 and 10 to 11 years old can benefit from this app. Let’s Do Mental Maths exhibits an engaging and attractive quiz format to the players along with an animated Dog, who will offer the players helpful tips so that they can pass a specific level on their own. There are 3 major quiz areas. These are:

  • Starter questions are a selection of random questions that serves as a warm up activity for the players.
  • Progress Tests contain 7 sets of questions (each set having 20 questions) that grade the players' math abilities and track their scores.
  • Practice quizzes are made up of 9 sets of practice questions. The questions are based on various math topics like addition, subtraction, multiplications, division, place value, fractions, time, shape etc. All these topics are pretty basic but their importance cannot be ignored.

This app is available for iOS.

These 5 apps mentioned above are an effective tool of Math education. Students will be able to develop a strong base of the subject through these apps. Online math tutorials may also prove to be beneficial for children where mathematics isn’t taught in a process-oriented manner. Students will not even realize that they are actually learning through games, activities etc. The learning experience is more gratifying.

 Before signing off, we would like to say that these five apps are not all. There are many more. We had previously discussed a number of kindergarten apps suitable for geometry practice. This topic highlights 5 apps made on a more general note that covers more than one math topics. We would continue to add to the list in near future. So keep a tab on our blog page for more information and come back to us periodically as per your convenience. With that we’ll conclude our article. Hope you had a good read.

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