10 Best Ways to Help your child Focus on Studies

10 Best Ways to Help your child Focus on Studies

Distracted. Hyperactive. Easily frustrated.’ If any of these words describe your son or daughter, you are possibly concerned that he or she lacks the ability to keep focused. Concentrating on work for long hours isn’t that easy. There’s a lot of hurry, busyness, and bustle in a day to day life, thus supporting your child to focus on studies is an essential living ability. Here are ten ideas to analyze.

Set tasks according to the maturity level of your child:

Frequently, the main reason kids lose concentration on a task is that it’s possibly unmanageable or too much for them. Take an intimate look through the given task and make sure it’s the appropriate skill level for your kid. Also, it is a major part of life, where we all have various things to achieve that are tiresome, annoying, or perhaps not challenging. Help your son or daughter know that occasionally we need to do things that are not enjoyable or exciting. It is also essential to note that the earlier your daughter or son finishes the tedious tasks, the more spare time he or she will get to explore other pleasant things.

Split up big tasks into small ones:

An excellent way to help boost the concentration level of your child is to split up the overall work into smaller pieces. Big tasks can sometimes overwhelm. All of us come across the situation when we don’t understand where to start. Therefore, dividing the task into smaller parts will give a kid the feeling of development as the smaller parts are finished.

Minimize diversions:

Provide your son or daughter a peaceful place to perform activities when the focus is required. Understand the fact that kids don’t have the same capability to screen out interruptions that adults have earned. The sound of TV, even if it is coming from some other place, is difficult for kids to overlook. A salient music played in the activity room might help disguise the annoying sounds.

Put a timer:

Fix a timer for specific tasks your child can manage to “beat.” Occasionally providing a sufficient time may help them concentrate longer. One principle is that a child can concentrate on the same task for about a minute per year of age. It is just a direction — there are numerous exemptions to this fact.

Teach them “Goal Setting”:

Setting Targets is a smart way to boost your child’s capability to concentrate. When your child sets his own targets (under your supervision and support for hitting them) they could develop into an exceptional motivator.

Appreciate every task:

When you observe your son or daughter paying close attention to a certain task, recognize and compliment them on it.

Maintaining good health is must:

Excellent nutrition and adequate rest are huge factors in helping your son or daughter to gain the ability to focus on a task. We all understand the sleepy impact that a carbohydrate-heavy food could cause (think of Christmas dinner.) Complex carbohydrates, an adequate quantity of protein and fresh fruits, and veggies may help improve your child’s capability to concentrate.

Play memory games:

The ability to focus is much like a muscle. With memory exercises, a person can learn more and improve far better in terms of concentration. Use memory boosting games as an alternate way to increase your child’s ability.

Stay away from overscheduling:

Children who are hurried from one task to another can feel bewildered. Make sure you enable downtime to release their tender minds to recuperate from an activity. Allow them small breaks in between so that they can refresh their memories. For a fresh mind, you need a healthy body. In the meantime, it is advised that your child takes nutrient rich food as this would make them feel active.

Supervise and control their activities like a friend:

As a caring parent, you should never neglect the importance of keeping friendliness with your kid. You can keep more control on your child and his or her progress by becoming a friend.

When you wish your son or daughter to turn the focus from one task to another, give warning time of a few minutes. Like, if a kid is playing football but should start training the guitar shortly, then you must give him or her a five minutes warning. The shift in activity will become easier, and your son or daughter will gain enough time to refocus on a brand new task faster.

The capacity to focus for extended periods of time takes some time and preparation. Try these simple tricks to increase the concentration power of your child.

Rita Smith

Rita Smith, a caring and proud mom of two sweet baby girls. She is an expert author of many award-winning educational books. She believes that education must be free from the financial boundaries, and it should never impede financially weak families. Her work for poor and underprivileged students speaks for itself. She has been actively participating in webinars that make her a professional yet friendly counsellor.

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